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Got Trees? Get an arborist.

Hire an arborist!

A friend called me today- they are selling a property that is on a large lot, they received an offer from a developer, who then rescinded because of the trees on the property. Trees? The trees on this property are 40-50 years and substantial. That is the first time I have heard of a rescission over trees… so I offered to do some research.

In the city that the property is located there are protections - so that trees avoid the same fate as the Truffula trees. The building codes do not allow a developer to take down a tree just because they want to put a house where the tree is- they have to request an exemption from the city when they apply for their building permit. This means the developer would incur the cost of land, design (architect and engineers) and applying for permits and an exemption before knowing if the tree will stay or go. (All the while, they likely have carrying costs on a loan from their bank—as this process takes months.) The code does allow for trees to be moved or if an exemption is granted for the tree to be cut down and younger trees would be planted to replace the original tree.

My advice, hire an arborist. The trees should be evaluated now, if an arborist determines the trees are unhealthy and should be removed, then contact the developer who rescinded their offer. If the trees are healthy and should remain then adjust expectations for what is feasible for a developer to build on the land and the sales price will reflect that.

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